Photos from State Titles from Grant Lauterbach

Some more great photo's from Grant Lauterbach from yesterday's state titles.


Thanks again for coming down.…/2019-WASBC-Stat…/i-6C7TJrf

WA State Titles Results

Thank you to everyone that came down to spectate, support , volunteer and race today at our WA State Championships. Besides a small hiccup with access this morning due to the HBF run, the day ran smoothly and fun was had by all.

We will like to congratulate the following winners and will post the full results asap.

15hp Formula Future
Taylor Jellis

15hp Senior
Mitch Clark

25hp Supersports
Phoebe Knudsen

2000cc Supersports
Michael Britten

Open Outboard
Michael Britten

5.7l Displacement
Adam Harvey

6.0l Displacement 
Peter Price

Open Displacement 
Les Smith

Open Unlimited 
Les Smith

WA State Championships - Important Access Information
The WA State Championships are this Sunday at Burswood. Racing will start around 10.30am.

Please be aware of access restrictions on Camfield Drive with the HBF Run on. Please allow an extra 15-20min for this. You will only have one way access from the southern end of Camfield Drive and not nothern end past the stadium.

There will also be restrictions with the Soccer Grand Final in the afternoon from around 1pm. Let the traffic people know that you want access to the Speed Boat Club and they should allow this.