AGM & Presentation

AGM is at 10.30am tomorrow at the club rooms. This will be followed by our general meeting then our annual Presentations for the season. BBQ afterwards. We hope to see you all there :)

Racing Cancelled for May 2020

Hi all,

We have received a memo from APBA informing us that racing has been cancelled for May 2020 and still to be reviewed for June and July but clubs are strongly advised to cancel.
The committee will decide whether we will race in June and potentially July, only with the advice and input of government health authorities and of course the APBA.
Thanks for your understanding and I hope you are staying healthy and sane!
Best regards,
COVID Update and Cancellation of April Race Day

Hi everyone,

The APBA suspending all racing all over the country until the end of April. This will affect our race day on April 19th. We will turn the reserve race Day on the 14th June into a race day. 
We were planning to run the Graham Hull Invitational and Ray Johnson Memorial on this day and potentially could run these in June. The State Championships will be run in May. 
If our season does get suspended further, we will have no state champions and club champions will decided on current points up to the last race day. 
Our presentation night might also be affected also as well as our monthly meetings and AGM. We are looking at cancelling our Bogan Bingo event in June, so again, please kepp an eye out on emails/FB/website for updates. 
JSW King of the River has just been cancelled. The sprint car season has also been cancelled and we will wait to hear whether their presentation night will go ahead.
These few events are big fundraisers for the club and we rely on them. 
Next season will be vital in terms of fundraising efforts to make up for this season's shortfall and our next season's shortfall. 
If you or anyone of you know, do not want to partake in the rest of the season, I can completely understand.
We just have to treat this as a day by day, week by week scenario right now and I think that all of you are probably in the same situation. 
Again, if you have any comments, suggestions, please get in touch. 




Ben Smith
WA Speed Boat Club