WA State Titles 2017 Update #2

**State Championship Update**
We won't make the call until tomorrow morning whether we proceed with the race day or not. We all know how Perth weather is and once the front is through, can turn out like a beauty! See you all tomorrow morning :)

Points have been updated!

The points have been updated finally!

WA State Titles 2017 Update

Hi everyone,

I thought it would be a good idea to update everyone on the State Championships this coming Sunday. We are all aware that the weather forecast is not looking ideal but has changed for the good and the worse during the week.

The WA APBA in conjunction with the WA Speed Boat club (and the respective boat captains) will make a decision with regards to racing ASAP and will inform you by email, facebook and the website.

These decisions are never made likely and always are made with the safety of the drivers and their equipment. We also do not want the WASBC to pay for a day's insurance, only to have the racing cancelled half way through the event.

The WASBC in conjunction with the WA APBA has decided to hold a race at Lake Dumbleyung on what was our reserve day (11th June), so if there is a cancellation of the event this Sunday, we will run it at on our T&T date, Sunday 28th May. This date coincides with the HBF Run for a Reason, so racing will have to start later than normal. Details will be released if needed.

Please email me back or one of the committee members if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Ben Smith
Secretary WA APBA